Your Barefoot Island Sanctuary

This eco-luxe barefoot hideaway, known for its Vanuatu accommodation options, was developed with a strong ambition to preserve an untouched sanctuary while establishing some modern comforts. Ratua Island offers a unique experience steeped in authenticity, making it the best accommodation Vanuatu has to offer.

An unforgettable encounter we wish to share, where simplicity is the greatest luxury, Ratua Island’s accommodation Vanuatu selections provide a memorable experience for every traveller seeking a genuine and pristine getaway.

Grand Beach Front Villas

Tiger Villa

Dragon Villa

Fish Village

Fish Village

Nautilus Villa

Porcelaine Villa

Tellinne Villa

Treehouse Villa

Giraffe Villa

Deluxe Beach Front Villas

Bear Villa

Cobra Villa

Deer Villa

Dragon Villa

Pig Villa

Buffalo Villa

Crocodile Villa

Dog Villa

Monkey Villa

Beach Front Marquees

Starfish Villa

Turtle Villa

Private Island Rental

Mamasa Island

Ratua Island