Ratua Private Island Resort

Welcome to Ratua Private Island Resort. A true haven of timeless charm nestled in Vanuatu’s archipelago and regarded as the jewel of the 83 islands. At Ratua, authenticity is paramount. The local meaning of the name Ratua is ‘everyone is welcome’. For hundreds of years, nobody inhabited Ratua as it was a tribal meeting place for chiefs in the surrounding islands to relax, discuss local matters and enjoy the unique beauty Ratua offers. How well this captures and demonstrates the continuing essence of the ‘land forgotten by time’ in the busy world we are in. Once on the island you fully grasp the organic experience that our past customers keep coming back for. The whole island enables our customers to feel cradled in nature by the environment that has been preserved for a maximum of 42 guests to enjoy as nature intended.

Whether it’s an intimate wedding ceremony, a couples escape or a significant gathering with family and friends, Ratua Private Island Resort offers an enchanting backdrop to create cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime. Our dedicated team understand the intricacies of organising group bookings, especially across different time zones and can provide seamless reservation assistance and comprehensive information support. The resort aims to alleviate the burdens of organising a group event, making the process as effortless and stress-free as possible for guests. The resort offers the flexibility to tailor special entertainment and themed events according to the specific requirements and desires of guests. This personalised approach allows for a bespoke experience, ensuring that the event aligns perfectly with the vision and preferences of the host and their guests.

Embark on a journey with us as you step on one of our transfer boats and be greeted by our experienced boat captain Sam, at our very own transfer lounge at Espiritu Santo. Leave the world behind you as you cruise past Aore island, and arrive at Ratua’s Jetty, where a warm welcome awaits. The local ni-Vanuatu staff, integral to the Ratua family, ensures your stay feels like a journey back in time. Engage with the local staff and you will discover a rich environment of local culture and you will realise why Vanuatu is rated as the friendliest nation on earth. Ratua Private Island Resort stands ready to turn special occasions into cherished moments, offering a distinctive and memorable destination for exclusive events. For more information, please download our brochure or email us directly at [email protected]

Ratua Island


Guests can explore the entire island by foot, quadbike, bicycle or one of our 14 trained horses. Most of the island amenities are centrally located just a short walk from the yacht club. There are 3 villages that offer 13 individual villa style homes handcrafted from 200-year-old teak wood with indo-Oceania inspiration and all have their own private beach setting.

In the middle of west village there is our overwater Coral Reef Spa accessed by a walkway over a lagoon. Central to the resort is the ornately carved billiards room with a comprehensive library and games room overlooking a pond. The resort offers many water-sports for our guests including kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards etc. At the opposite end of the resort is the beachfront volleyball court, regularly enjoyed by guests and staff alike.

Marine life at Ratua

The marine reserve, registered by the government and diligently protected by the custodians of Ratua , protects the deep lagoons filled with untouched coral heads described as amongst the best in the planet. Dugong’s, abundant Tropical Fish, and over 100 turtles make this a true natural wonder. All of this underwater sanctuary is right out the front of your Vila to enjoy as you choose by using our masks, snorkels and fins or simply watching the sea life from your waterfront deck. Paddle boards, kayaks and canoes are also yours to use.

The majority of the resort is on the sheltered side of the trade wind ensuring tranquil calm use of the crystal-clear warm water. This unique combination for a Pacific island means many super yachts and smaller vessels visit our sheltered peaceful lagoon from around the world. The whole 60 hectares (150 acres ) of land, a 6km coastline is yours to enjoy. Unlike other resorts, Ratua is your private island to explore and enjoy as you please.

The many ancient trees with diverse fauna swimming with the horses ( a must-do) horse riding tour around the shoreline of the island with an informative commentary from a local horseman Johnny, diving, snorkelling, and the renowned Malo blue hole tour (one of the best rated guest experiences). ‘ Sarge’ our brand new 18-metre custom-designed vessel is also available for charter with Reuben our experienced game fishing captain. The world-famous fishing grounds are right at our backdoor. There are FADs, huge seamounts rising from 3000 meters to in some cases 7 meters teaming with the full range of game fish. World record fish have been caught in our waters and we have the vessel and gear to get you out there. Sarge is also an ideal vessel to take the family to million-dollar point to snorkel the WW2 remains or shipwrecks nearby like the ‘Coolridge’ or a sunset cocktail cruise.

Truly Ratua is the land that time forgot.

Ratua Island underwent a profound transformation in 2005 when a French billionaire was fortunate enough to acquire the island from the original family and boldly embarked on a unique journey to create a luxurious resort with natural beauty and ecology of nature at its very heart. This was not going to be a ‘cookie cutter’ Resort as he wanted first and foremost for his family and friends, a authentic natural sanctuary but with a luxury spin. In 2008 he started the development with no regard to cost by acquiring a complete mountain village in Indonesia and replacing the structures with new buildings for the villagers. He dismantled and transported the 80 structures to Ratua. A huge logistical feat!  

This was not any village but a 200-year-old historic hand carved teak structures to create this unique paradise. A team of over 100 Balinese workers assembled them in the authentic manner. The villas, some exceeding 140 sq mtrs , showcase beautiful historic architecture with large floorboards, teak shutters with no glass and no door locks. The eclectic luxury is showcased with beautiful antiques throughout each Vila. The result is not just buildings but timeless works of art all thoughtfully nestled on their own private beach or cove. They are truly are awe-inspiring. You feel like you could be the only guest on the private island. The resorts ornate luxury, ensures an immersive experience.  

Island Highlights

Our world-acclaimed overwater spa appropriately named ‘ Coral Reef’ is a fabulous place to wander down the boardwalk to be pampered with full beauty treatment packages available. All while enjoying the gentle sound of water beneath you and a soothing breeze while looking through the marine life through the glass floor. Indulge in our brand new 5-star à la carte restaurant, with most of the organic produce and ingredients from Ratua or within a 10 km radius. Our trained chefs will indulge your tastebuds and cater for all your dietary requirements.

Ratua’s airstrip, one of the few private ones in Vanuatu, provides easy access to Port Villa and other islands. We coordinate for our guests one of 3 private plane charter companies to explore using our airstrip to visit other attractions like Pentecost Island for land diving, Ambaie and Tanna for the volcano viewing experience. Enjoy our Gamesroom with an antique billiard table and comprehensive library, a great option for readers and families. Engage with Ratua’s staff, and you’ll discover a rich environment of local culture. The island has trained horses, cattle (famous Santo beef) sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, and a friendly local dog affectionately called ‘ Boy ‘.

This is a place where bare feet and boardshorts meet rustic luxury, offering an adventurous, off-the-beaten-path experience. Ratua Island is not just a resort; it’s a home. The owners and management share this space with guests, considering it a privilege to welcome them to their private island. Returning to nature, Ratua offers a safe, adventurous, and distinctly luxurious experience. Cultural immersion is woven into the Ratua experience. From the legends of Kava Night in the traditional Nakamal on the northern sand point to Island Night with local string band music from the Ratua Stringband, guests delve into thousands of years of Pacific culture. The unique bamboo band, banks Island Ladies performing the water music in the lagoon provides soul-stirring connections with the local heritage which is unseen in any other country. Nearby on Santo our day tour to Champagne Beach (rated as the 7 best beaches in the world), Port Orly, Blue Holes and Millennium Cave offer an enjoyable day out on Espiritu Santo.

Behind this unique paradise are 45 to 50 dedicated local staff, embodying the spirit of Ratua and supporting their extended families and communities. Ratua is not just a destination; it’s a commitment to preserving the sincerity and simplicity of the indigenous people, offering jobs that are vital in Vanuatu’s challenging economic landscape. Come, experience Ratua Island and as we say – ‘get Ratua’d’. Where time stands still, and everyone is truly welcome. Come as guests and leave as friends!