Scuba Diving

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All our diving from Ratua is booked through a professional dive company “Aore Adventures” 

If scuba diving is your passion then diving the “SS President Coolidge is for you . This wreck is one of the most famous and most accessible sites to dive in Vanuatu. The luxury liner turned US troopship was sunk by mines in October 1942. All aboard were ordered to abandon ship and 5,340 persons got to shore safely. There were two fatalities in the sinking of the Coolidge. Fireman Robert Reid who was working in the engine room was killed when the first mine struck the ship. The second was Captain Elwood Joseph Euart who had safely disembarked from the Coolidge but on hearing that men were trapped in the infirmary returned to the ship through one of the sea doors successfully rescuing the men but was then unable to escape himself and went down with the ship.

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