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South Pacific wedding destination

A perfect South Pacific wedding destination

Ratua Private Island Resort offers a captivating and unique setting that is perfect for couples seeking a romantic destination wedding. The island provides a variety of stunning locations to choose from, allowing you to tailor your celebration.

Whether it’s an intimate twilight ceremony on the pier accompanied by canapés and cocktails, a relaxed beach blessing followed by a gourmet BBQ lunch, or a more formal evening ceremony at the Yacht Club with a candlelit dinner, Ratua Private Island Resort offers diverse settings to create unforgettable wedding moments.

The resort provides comprehensive wedding venue options with accommodation, ensuring that the entire experience, from the ceremony to the stay, is seamlessly arranged for you and your guests. Couples can opt for various ceremonies, including traditional legal weddings, religious blessings, vow renewals, or simple commitment ceremonies.

Ratua Island and its surrounding archipelago offer a stunning backdrop not just for the wedding but also for an idyllic Vanuatu honeymoon or quality time spent with friends and family. To discover how the Ratua Private Island Resort can make your wedding day and overall stay an extraordinary and cherished experience, download our Wedding Kit.


Ratua Private Island Resort offers an exclusive and intimate setting for conducting business activities while indulging in a luxurious Vanuatu holiday. The island’s natural privacy ensures a tranquil environment without disruptions.

The Yacht Club serves as an ideal open space, accommodating larger groups or think tanks for gatherings, discussions, and meetings. For smaller breakout sessions, guests have the option to convene in the games area or within the privacy of their own suites, fostering focused discussions and collaborations.

Adding to the unique experience, guests are welcome to visit the traditional “Namakal,” situated at the island’s northern tip. This space, traditionally used by village men for discussions on various topics, including political matters or village disputes, provides insight into local customs and can offer an authentic cultural experience. Here, business discussions or agreements are sometimes conducted over shells of Kava, a traditional drink.

Moreover, Ratua Island’s distinct environment and array of activities serve as excellent opportunities for team-building exercises, both on land and in the water. The exclusivity of Ratua’s staff and facilities ensures that guests have a space to curate inspirational meetings, retreats, or reward programs tailored for special employees or clients.

Ratua Island’s secluded and luxurious ambience, combined with its unique cultural offerings, allows for the seamless integration of business activities with a quality holiday experience, fostering productivity, creativity, and memorable moments for all involved.


Plan your perfect island wedding or event today.

Ratua Private Island Resort is dedicated to ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable experience for those planning an island wedding or event. The resort takes pride in its ability to dissolve worries, allowing guests to relax and fully immerse themselves in the island’s beauty.

Our focus is on enabling couples to infuse their personal touches into their special day while alleviating the stress of organising every detail. The secluded and luxurious ambience of Ratua Island, complemented by its distinctive cultural experiences and adaptable event spaces, ensures a seamless blend of romance, relaxation, and celebration. Our staff are enthusiastic about accommodating further requests to assist couples in creating sun-kissed memories that will last a lifetime.

Ratua Private Island Resort’s commitment to providing a picturesque location for weddings, honeymoons, and events, coupled with its dedication to service and attention to detail, aims to deliver an exceptional experience that fosters productivity, creativity, and cherished moments for everyone involved.