Ratua Foundation

Every guest at Ratua Private Island Resort actively participates in the development of the Foundation as all profits of the resort go directly to the Foundation.

The Ratua Foundation was setup at the same time. The noble endeavours of the foundation carry on to this day with the private new New Zealand family who purchased the island in 2016. All profits from the resort are channeled to the foundation which is all about the niVanuatu children. We are passionate about assisting in educational assets, scholarships and health initiatives for needy children. The foundation is politically neutral and it’s many accomplishments can be read on our website. In summary when you choose to stay at Ratua you are supporting not only the many staff and families but importantly the children of this beautiful land.

Our Mission

Ratua Foundation is headquartered on Ratua Private Island and its goal is to improve the educational conditions of the children of Vanuatu. The Ratua Foundation actively supports numerous initiatives such as providing books, computers and stationery directly to the children while building schools, infrastructure, water and electricity networks. These projects strengthen the social link between the child and it’s environment (family, tribe, village or island) in collaboration with the local decision-makers.

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Ratua Foundation

Help us to ensure them a better future.

Each and every guest at Ratua Private Island Resort actively participates in the development of the Foundation: all profits of Ratua Private Island Resort directly go to the Foundation. 

Ratua Foundation is the link between the donors, the sponsors and the leaders of the local communities and is authorised to receive donations. This allows the realisation of philanthropic projects that provide a positive impact directly on the children and their communities.