We have a number of different experiences to offer our guests whether you are after something romantic, adventurous or wanting to experience the unique culture of Vanuatu.


Grab a local Banana boat on sunrise for a local hand line experience or charter a game fishing expedition and wrangle a Blue Marlin at the FADS or famous seamounts. Tour the island on horseback.

What’s exciting to explore here?

  • The Legend of Kava – traditional kava ceremony and storytelling around the fire at the Nakamal
  • Romantic sunset cruise – share canapes and bubbles with your cherished one
  • Private beach dining or packed picnics to take to a special spot
  • Visit a nearby village and school and spend the day the local way
  • Visit the weekly market on Aore Island
  • Crab hunting at nightfall cooked to your liking the following day
  • Long boat ride with handline fishing experience
  • Million Dollar Point – boat ride to this incredible snorkelling or scuba diving site
  • Port Orly day trip including Champagne Beach – discover Vanuatu’s best beaches
  • Millenium Cave – explore Vanuatu’s largest cave, an extreme experience not for the faint-hearted
  • Private charter flights to view the lush islands from above
  • Beach Volleyball and petanque/boules/bocche

Plan your escape today.

Ratua Private Island Resort caters to a diverse range of holiday experiences, ensuring there's something for everyone. Relax with private beach coves, inviting crystal-clear waters, and the opportunity to unwind with a refreshing cocktail in hand. Guests can bask in the sun, or simply indulge in peaceful moments surrounded by the island's natural beauty.

Alternatively, experience the exhilaration of swimming with horses or encountering vibrant marine life, the island's offerings are sure to satisfy the craving for excitement. With its blend of relaxation and adventure, Ratua Private Island Resort allows visitors to tailor their holiday experience according to their desires, promising an unforgettable and fulfilling stay for every type of traveller.