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Upcoming Retreat 6th June – 13th June

Discover the Allure of an Intimate, and Transformative Yoga Retreat in Beautiful Vanuatu!

Escape to Tranquility: The 7-Day Empowering Experiences Yoga Retreat

Welcome to a journey that transcends the ordinary – The 7-Day Island Serenity Yoga Retreat awaits, offering you the perfect blend of yoga and the breathtaking beauty of Vanuatu. Are you ready to elevate your practice while immersing yourself in the serenity of Ratua Island? Imagine immersing yourself in one of the South Pacific’s hidden gems, a paradise where time seems to stand still. Welcome to our 7-Day Transformative Retreat in Vanuatu, a place where your journey to renewal, restoration, and profound transformation begins. Join Kat Finnerty, world-renowned yoga teacher, best-selling author, and inspirational speaker, for a transformative retreat in the heart of the South Pacific. Set in the unparalleled beauty of Ratua Private Island Resort, this retreat is an invitation to indulge in a unique blend of luxury and personal growth.

Welcome to your journey of transformation

Kat Finnerty has been an Established Author & Leader in Yoga Training with over 25 years experience

Kat Finnerty

Kat Finnerty is not only a renowned name in the world of wellness but also a living testament to the power of resilience and transformation. As a best-selling author, globally recognized yoga teacher, and a captivating speaker, Kat’s life story is one of overcoming extraordinary challenges and achieving remarkable triumphs.

Facing a dire diagnosis at 24, Kat embarked on a 20-year journey of healing, exploring everything from cutting-edge medical treatments to holistic yoga practice. Her relentless quest not only halted the progression of her disease but also transformed her into a stronger, more centred individual, full of life and wisdom.

With over 25 years of experience, Kat has become a leading figure in wellness, conducting transformative retreats worldwide. Her holistic approach to wellness – blending physical and mental practices – has made her a beacon of hope and guidance. Each retreat she leads is a unique blend of rejuvenation, community engagement, and personal growth, deeply personalized to resonate with every participant.

More than just a survivor, Kat Finnerty is a master of overcoming adversity, turning her experiences into teachings that inspire and guide others. She stands as a powerful example of the human spirit’s strength and the transformative power of embracing one’s inner resilience.

The Retreat Experience: Transform, Heal, and Connect

Enhancing flexibility and balance. The various poses and stretches involved in yoga help to loosen tight muscles and increase joint mobility. This increased flexibility not only aids in preventing injuries but also promotes better posture and body awareness

Yoga in Paradise: Embrace the power of yoga with sessions designed to align your body and mind. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our yoga experiences cater to all levels, ensuring a deeply personal and enriching practice.

Whole Food Nourishment: Savor the flavors of health and vitality with our whole food-based cuisine. Fresh, local, and bursting with nutrition, every meal is an adventure in taste and a step towards inner wellness.

Engage meaningfully and giveback through our “1000 days of life” Chicken Project. This initiative provides eggs to malnourished families, allowing you to contribute to a life-changing cause while connecting with the happiest peiople on Earth.

Digital Detox: Unplug and reconnect. Our retreat encourages a digital detox, allowing you to disconnect from the noise of the digital world and reconnect with nature, others, and yourself.

Healing and Renewal: This retreat is more than a getaway; it’s a healing journey for the mind, body, and soul. Experience the therapeutic power of nature, the joy of community, and the peace of a simpler life.

All Inclusive
7-Day Yoga Bliss Retreat Packages Include:

3 Daily Yoga Classes That Energize Your Body & Mind

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that combines the beauty of fluid yoga sequences with the serenity of mindful breathing? Our daily Vinyasa Flow classes are crafted for individuals of all levels, offering a harmonious blend of postures and breathwork. Each day is an opportunity to enhance your practice.

At the heart of our retreat is the art of Vinyasa Flow – a dynamic practice that seamlessly weaves postures together, synchronized with the rhythm of your breath. This fluidity not only enhances flexibility but also fosters a deep mind-body connection.

Imagine learning three complete asana flow sequences each day – a daily immersion into the world of yoga. These sequences strike a delicate balance between alignment, flow, and mindfulness, providing a comprehensive experience that goes beyond the physical postures.


Breathtaking Activities On Your Own Private Tropical Island

Ratua Private Island is a haven of natural beauty and adventure nestled in the heart of a tropical paradise. Brace for an unforgettable experience, combining tours with canoe adventures, jungle hikes, waterfalls, snorkelling with turtles, horse riding, paddleboarding and more!

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Malo Blue Hole. Whether you choose a serene canoe exploration or an adventurous jungle hike, the lush greenery and vibrant flora will captivate your senses. Discover hidden waterfalls and snorkel with turtles in the pristine turquoise waters of Ratua. Nature’s wonders await as you explore the underwater world and marvel at the cascading waterfalls.

Experience the thrill of bare horseback riding through the tropical jungle, followed by a unique opportunity to swim with horses in the crystal-clear waters. Connect with these majestic creatures in a way you’ve never imagined.

Be pampered in a world-class spa. Luxury and serenity will engulf you as you enter our unique over-water Coral Reef Spa at this stunning destination. Our spa therapists will welcome you and invite you to choose from a blend of Pacific paradise essential oils designed to calm or invigorate your mind, body and soul.

Finish off your evenings with a “Legends of Kava” ceremony in the yacht club restaurant and bar.

A Culinary Delight With Local Grown Organic Food

A Gastronomic Haven for the Mindful

Come, indulge, and let your taste buds embark on a journey of conscious culinary delight. In the heart of our culinary philosophy lies a commitment to conscious dining. From farm to table, we source 100% organic, locally grown produce, ensuring a vibrant and fresh experience with every dish. This dedication to ethical and sustainable practices not only elevates your dining experience but also contributes to the well-being of our beautiful island home.

An Island Bounty on Your Plate

Picture this: a menu that reflects the lush landscapes and pristine waters of our island. From succulent fruits to crisp vegetables and the freshest catch from the sea, our dishes are a celebration of the diverse and bountiful offerings of Ratua Island. Indulge in the flavours of a place where the land and sea harmonize to create a culinary symphony.

Nourishing the Body, Nurturing the Planet

More than just a meal, our menu is crafted to be an ideal yogic diet, supporting your holistic practices. Each ingredient is chosen with care, aligning with principles that promote health, balance, and vitality. As you savour our dishes three times a day, you’re not just nurturing your body but also participating in a sustainable dining experience that promotes the well-being of the Earth.

Organic Delights in Every Bite

Imagine savouring the goodness of food grown with love and respect for nature. Our chefs infuse passion into each dish, transforming organic, locally sourced ingredients into culinary masterpieces. From vibrant salads to delectable main courses and heavenly desserts, every bite is a testament to the richness of flavours only Mother Nature can provide.

SUP Yoga Cocktails & Mocktails

Sit by the palms in the cool breeze by the bar and enjoy vibrantly crafted tropical cocktails and mocktails or rehydrate with refreshing cool coconuts straight from the trees on the island. In conclusion, our Restaurant isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a destination for those who appreciate the beauty of mindful, ethical, and health-conscious dining.

What People Are Saying…

“WOW is all I can say, life changing experience. It was one of the best times of my life! Kat is one of the most happy, down-to-earth souls you’ll ever meet and Ratua Island is absolutely beautiful!”

Isabella, USA

Our Stunning Location Speaks for Itself…



Our fully equipped yoga resort is located in the island of Ratua – the jewel of Vanuatu.

3 Yoga Classes Daily

Island Tours & Activities

Spa Treatments


Step into our Restaurant, where the ambience is as inviting as the food on your plate. The eco-friendly design and warm atmosphere create a space where you can unwind, connect, and savour each moment. As you relish our organic delights, you become part of a larger story – a story of conscious living, mindful choices, and a shared commitment to a better world. Join us in savoring the flavors of Ratua Island while making choices that resonate with your well-being and the well-being of our planet. Every meal here is a celebration of life, a tribute to the Earth, and an invitation to experience food that is not only good for you but good for our precious planet. Come, indulge, and let your taste buds embark on a journey of conscious culinary delight. You’ll also enjoy cooking workshops to help you learn a better relationship with food.

Free Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Organic Food Menu

Vegan & Gluten Free Friendly


Our daily schedule is relaxed and allows you plenty of time to play, have fun and explore the rich culture, green jungles and beaches of Ratua island if you wish.


All prices are per person, and all options include:

3 Daily Yoga Workshops

Shuttle & Boat To Ratua

3 Meals Per Day

Welcome Drink

Free Fast Wifi

Island Activities

Package One

Fish Village Accommodation With A Shared Room. Includes 3 daily meals, daily yoga workshops, daily Island activities, blue hole, kava ceremony, horse riding, cooking class, massage, cultural show, SUP yoga, snorkelling with sea turtles, kayaking, jungle trekking.
$4,999 P/P (Bring a friend $2,499 each) until 30th March then price goes up to $6,999

Package Two

Deluxe Beachfront Private Room. Includes 3 daily meals, daily yoga workshops, daily Island activities, blue hole, kava ceremony, horse riding, cooking classes, massage, cultural show, SUP yoga, snorkelling with sea turtles, kayaking, and jungle trekking.
$5,999 P/P (Bring a friend $2,999 each) until 30th March then price goes up to $8,999

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