Around Santo

Espiritu Santo hosts a wide range of adventures and experiences for guests to enjoy during their Ratua holiday, whether it is enjoying an unspoiled beach all to yourself, snorkeling over World War 2 wrecks or joining in ritualistic tribal dances and ceremonies. For further information regarding Santo activities, please take a moment to visit

Dives on SS President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point

SS President Coolidge was a US luxury ocean liner that was completed in 1931. She served as a troopship from December 1941 until October 1942, when she was sunk by mines in Espiritu Santo See the majesty of this ship from bow to engine room, underwater. Called Million Dollar Point after the millions of dollars worth of material disposed there, the dump is a popular diving destination, divers report an amazing quantity of wreckage: jeeps, six-wheel drive trucks, bulldozers, semi-trailers, fork lifts, tractors, bound sheets of corrugated iron, unopened boxes of clothing, and cases of Coca-Cola



One of the world’s most breath-taking beaches, with powder white sand. This half moon bay is postcard-perfect – and more than likely, you’ll have the beach all to yourself.



See the real Vanuatu, removed from all foreign and modern influences.



Discover one of Santo’s stunning Blue Holes, a natural phenomenon of ink blue fresh water – a morning spent snorkeling in the amazing cobalt blue water is an unforgettable experience.



Entails a full-day bush walk filled with stunning scenery leading inside a huge cave. It’s a magical journey of crystal pools, sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, and thermal falls.